Real estate in Paris: despite soaring prices, properties that leave in 15 days

While the price per square meter is constantly increasing, professionals in the sector find that sales remain very dynamic in the capital. With prices sometimes exorbitant.

The cost per square meter in Paris peaked at the end of 2018. An increase is expected to continue in 2019, according to the Chamber of Notaries of Greater Paris. Despite this increase, homes are selling quickly in the capital. "At this moment, in Paris, a property sold at the market price leaves within fifteen days, said Thierry Delesalle, president of the direction of the conjuncture in the chamber of notaries.Even on a market that is not very resonnable, sales activity remains very dynamic. "

A tendency to modulate according to the sectors of the capital. "Even with historically low borrowing rates, a threshold has been reached and buyers no longer follow," says Brice Moyse, director of the agencies of the group Immopolis.

According to this professional installed in Montmartre (XVIII-th) since 1989, it is not uncommon to find abbes properties without exceptional character on sale at 15 000 euros per square meter, while the average price turns around 12 000 to 13 000 euros in this neighborhood.

Posted by Christine Henry, on February 28, 2019, LE PARISIEN